Jaw cysts and tumors

Jaw Cysts and Tumor Removal Operation

The pathological cavities that occur inside jawbones filled with liquid or semi liquid substances are called jaw cysts. These cysts may usually be found on jawbones, except in rare cases where then can be found on soft tissues around mouth and face.

Jaw cysts and tumors may show these symptoms;

  • These cysts show little preliminary symptoms, but may cause great damage to jaw bones in late detections and may result in weakening of jawbone, bone thinning, teeth and bone infections. In some rare cases, bone cysts might result with bone cancer.
  • There may be swelling without pain on the face and pins-and-needles sensation in lower lips. This may be indicator that cyst or tumor is applying pressure on the nerve.

Drugs may sometime prove ineffective for the treatment of jaw cysts and tumors, which may necessitate a surgical operation for advanced cases. Cysts are taken out as a whole and removed together with the sack. A cyst removal operation must be carefully planned to preserve the jaw nerve, jaw area, teeth and gum tissue. Since cysts usually show little to no visible symptoms and are usually detected by chance, patients must periodically plan controls with dentist or dental specialists with Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.

If the Jaw Cyst or Tumor is Left Untreated

Unless treated, cysts might cause greater side effects; swelling on the face, infectious discharges, hardening of the soft face tissues, crack on the jaw bone, numbness on the lips, asymmetry and unaesthetic appearance in face and jaw area, bone cancer, bone thinning and gum swelling or recession. In some rare cases, cysts might develop into tumor-cancerous tissues. In some cases, cancer observed in other organs or tissues might leap to jawbone (metastases). For this reason, it is important to periodically examine jaw bone and teeth.

There are various important points to keep in mind following a treatment surgery. As always, oral hygiene is crucial following port operation period. It may be required to consume soft or liquid food, to avoid activities which might strain operated area. It is also crucial to ensure periodic controls. Following a jaw cyst removal operation, it may be necessary to support the jawbone where the bone tissue is thinned with artificial bone or with bone tissue transplants.