Jaw Joint Locking (Temporomandibular) Operation

Jaw joint locking (temporomandibular) operation

Joint locking of various kinds is a common disorder that can be seen on many patients. Temporomandibular locking is a disorder that can be seen in the later stages of jaw joint disorders. This problem should be detected as early as possible to improve chances of successful recovery with various treatment options. There are a number of pre-operation treatments available, and these treatments can be tried before the surgery, which is usually considered as a final treatment solution. Treatments such as laser treatment, night guard, arthrocentesis, physical therapy & exercises and pharmaceutical drugs are all pre-operation treatment options that can prevent the disorder from advancing. Only if the aforementioned treatments are not producing the desired results, then the decision for temporomandibular surgery is made.

During surgery, the area is accessed via incisions made from below the jaw, from inside the mouth or from under the hairline. Since incisions made on surface skin is made where the skin is naturally crumpled or hidden by hair, the end result would be aesthetically acceptable.

During the operation, damaged jaw joint tissue is removed from the area. If the damaged and removed joint tissue is considerable, natural tissue from other parts of the body such as ribs, hips, foot, cranium or legs or special prosthetics made out of silicone implants, titanium plates, special alloy jaw join prosthetics, biodegradable bolt or plates or braces such as those used on teeth can be used. Since these materials are compatible with the body, unless complications occur, can be left in body for the rest of the life. However, if complications occur, these can easily be taken out with a second operation.

Diet and nutrition following the operation is crucial. During the 1 month period post-operation jaw opening exercises may be performed as a form of physiotherapy. During this 1-month healing and prevention period, the patient must consume protein and fiber rich liquid food.