White Teeth Filling (Decayed Tooth and Fillings)

White teeth filling (decayed tooth and fillings)

When aesthetic filling is applied?

Aesthetic filling is applied if the tooth has decayed, is broken, or discolored. However, if the gum tissue is damaged or there is tissue loss, the doctor may recommend prosthesis instead of filling.

Lately, when talking about aesthetic filling, only composite fillings come to mind. these fillings are made out of quite durable and natural looking materials. A good quality filling material helps with compatibility and allows the tooth to more easily accept the filling. Aesthetic fillings can be used for decayed tooth as well as teeth broken for any reason.

How long is the treatment?

The time it takes to apply white filling depends on the number of teeth that will be performed on. Natural / white fillings must be carefully applied by an aesthetic dentist. If the conditions permit, all the teeth in the mouth can be filled together in the same session.

Process of aesthetic filling

  • First local anesthesia is applied to the area of the decayed tooth, numbing the teeth.
  • All the damaged and decayed tissue of the teeth and around it must be cleaned away. After this cleaning a protective material is used to protect the nerve located around the teeth from getting damaged.
  • The binding agent that glues the filling to the tooth must be applied carefully, not enough or too much binding agent will cause the filling to not cling well enough to the teeth or will leave gaps, from where bacteria may infiltrate the teeth and repeat the decaying process.
  • An aesthetic filling of matching color is selected, and then carefully applied and shaped to match the natural lines of teeth. Good quality materials used in the filling allows for long lasting and safe use for the patient.
  • Following the application of the filling, final touches are performed, with the process ending after the polishing is done.
  • The filled teeth should be cared for exactly the same as the natural teeth. Teeth filling not maintained properly should no0t be expected to last long.