Prof. Dr. Birkan Taha Özkan - Dental Specialist

Frenectomy Operation

Frenectomy Operation

This operation is removal of overgrown periodontal curtain tissue. This curtain located between the periodontal tissue, tongue and cheek can be overgrown and may need to be reduced in size, it is located near top and lower incisors, below the tongue and between the back teeth.

What may be effects of overgrown periodontal curtain tissue, if left untreated?

The periodontal curtain tissue located below the tongue may cause speech impediments and even lisping if its size is too large. Overgrown periodontal curtain tissues may tug on the gum tissue, causing it to recede, which may result with cavities, aesthetic issues and dental sensitivity. Periodontal curtain tissues located around implants may cause implant loss and bone thinning with time. It may also cause teeth to weaken and further cause oral complications.

Overgrown periodontal curtain tissue may cause tooth loss and bone thinning, as a result of receding gum tissue. It may also removable dentures to not fit properly and get loose.

How is Overgrown periodontal curtain tissue treated?

Thanks to advancing technology, technical applications and methods, overgrown periodontal curtain tissue can be removed and trimmed with a simple laser surgery operation. The risk of infection is considerably less with laser surgery. The operation may not even require stitching, further eliminating the need for stitch removal later on. If the tissue to be removed (tendon, fibers) are too large, stitching may be done as per the operating surgeon’s discretion. This is an aesthetic operation, with little risk of scaring.