Erupting the Impacted Tooth

Erupting the impacted tooth

For cases where the tooth is lodged inside the jawbone, the first step is to have an x-ray image of the area to see if there is a possibility of the impacted tooth to move properly, and whether the neighboring teeth would be fine if it does, if the results are positive, regardless of the age or situation of the patient, the tooth is moved to its proper position.

Removal the impacted tooth

If the opening exists for the impacted tooth to move out to its proper position, there are various methods to achieve that;

  1. This is the preferred method. If there is enough space for the tooth, the gum tissue is removed with laser like a cap, then a small hole is drilled on the bone to guide the tooth. With the patch clear, the impacted tooth can move to its proper location in the jaw arc.
  2. method, utilized only if the 1st method seems unfeasible following the examinations. Here, the maxillofacial surgeon performs an operation to get the impacted tooth into open and attaches a wire to it, which the orthodontist uses to manually move the tooth by applying controlled force. All the other teeth in the jaw are fixed with brackets, with attached titanium wires. These brackets are periodically tightened to allow the impacted tooth to move to its place.
  3. In cases where the impacted tooth would not move via orthodontic treatments methods and is not located in a location where it can be guided to its location, then this operation aims to recover the tooth intact. An opening is made in the jaw for the tooth and the recovered tooth is implanted there to its proper location.

Why is this operation performed?

No artificial tooth, no matter its quality, can be like a person’s own tooth. If a new artificial tooth is placed there instead of waiting for the natural tooth to move out, there will surely be complications in the future. The goal of this treatment is to move or remove impacted teeth, to prevent complications and to have a healthy mouth.

Dental Specialist , Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons or orthodontists never attempt to remove a tooth first, without considering the possibility of saving the natural tooth.  For these reasons, s always attempts to move and save the impacted tooth and if needed recommend their patients to dental specialists. This is an important step taken to ensure a good dental health for the patient’s future.