Orthodontic Treatment (Dental Braces)

Orthodontic Treatment (Dental Braces)

The etymologic root of the word Orthodontics comes from Greek, and means proper teeth. Orthodontic treatment not only aims at properly aligning the teeth, but also aligning the jaw, the palate, lips and even the cheeks. Orthodontic treatment is employed to that aim by Orthodontists, dental specialist who have received specialist training in this area.

The sole purpose of the orthodontic treatment is to correct dental and oral misalignment and to provide an aesthetic smile.

First Examinations

A child needs to periodically have orthodontic examinations, starting at age 7. The goal of this first examination is to see if there are any problems with the jaw and dental structure of the child. Early detection is really important in orthodontics, however, in most cases actual treatment will not begin until age 11-12, to wait for the teeth to properly settle down.

Orthodontic treatment is not only aimed at children, all ages groups can benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Brace Treatment

Braces treatment is used to guide impacted or misaligned teeth back to their original places. A bracket is glued to the teeth with a special binding agent, and wires are passed through these brackets. This wire is tightened periodically to have the teeth move to their desired locations.

During brace treatment, hidden / on visible braces as well as metal, plastic or porcelain materials can be used. If the patient disliked the appearance of braces, it is recommended to use hidden braces. However, if appearance is not an issue, use of metal braces are recommended due to their durability.

Treatment period varies between 8-30 months, and depends on the moth structure of the patient, as well as their willingness to follow the treatment and the orthodontist’s dental practices. Properly following treatment will result with shorter time wearing braces.