Fractured Jaw Bone Treatment

There are many reasons for humans to experience incidents and experience trauma and in such cases, face and jaw area is especially susceptible to damage. The procedure for re-arranging of fractured bones in the jaw area following one such accident and restoring the pre-incident aesthetic appearance is called Fractured Jaw Bone Treatment.

Fractured bones might appear in teeth, in upper and lower jaw bone, in mid-face, in the floor of eye cavity and in jaw joint. Aesthetic treatment of Fractured bones in these areas are usually performed from inside the mouth, but in cases where needed it might be performed from face surface area as well. In order to treat the Fractured bones fuse together, plates and bolts are inserted, these are widely known as platin inserts. In cases of Fractured upper or lower jaw bones, it is necessary for the upper and lower teeth to align with each other properly and to allow for the teeth to properly close, which indicates the difficulty and importance of the operation. Stitches made following certain operations are performed wit h aesthetic appearance in mind. Following certain fractured bone treatment operations and in order to prevent upper and lower jaw applying excessive pressure to each other to ensure proper bone fusion, the patients are recommended to avoid eating hard food and to prefer protein rich special liquid and fiber foods for the 1-month post operation period. In addition to platin inserts to help bone fusion, rubber to strengthen jaw and teeth connection, elastics might be applied between upper and lower jaws. In rare cases where breathing difficulties and nausea occurs, these elastics can easily be cut and stabilization can be undone to allow jaws to open.

Jaw Surgeries in Fractured Jaw bone treatments

Jaw is a crucial body part for oral health and aesthetic appearance, it keeps the teeth in place and forms the structure of mouth. As such, jaw plays important roles in physical appearance, aesthetics, eating habits, healthy breathing, dental health and speech and must be kept in good health.

There are quite a number of issues the jaw might suffer as a result of impacts or accidents, and modern medicine offers a variety of treatments for brining the health, function and ideal aesthetic appearance back to the jaw suffering problems. There exist various treatments for issues with jaw joint, fractured jaw bone and for tumor or cist removal. Dental and oral operations are usually performed by Dental Specialists trained in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery specialty.