Prof. Dr. Birkan Taha Özkan - Dental Specialist

Permanent Nerve Damage Operation

What is nerve damage?

Nerves located in jaw and face may get damaged due to pressure from nearby tissues or during the insertion of foreign materials such as implants, causing temporary or permanent loss of nerve function. This may result with loss of feeling, pain, numbness and muscle weakness. This may also be called partial facial paralysis.

The main problem here is the damage or pressure done to the nerves, if the damage is low, medication treatment may be effective. However, if the nerve is either partially or completely severed, then surgical methods must be employed. The surgical operation aims at connecting the two ends of the nerves and restore the nerve function, restoring previously loss functions such as feeling of touch, cold/warmness, and restoring facial muscle functions.

Nerve Damage Treatment

Nerve damage can be completely treated in most cases, symptoms of nerve damage can only be alleviated with treatment. Since nerve damage is often deteriorating, treatment must not be delayed. Early treatment will prevent permanent damage caused by nerve function loss. The goal of nerve damage treatment is to solving the root cause of the problem to treat the symptoms. Nerve damage treatment is done with the following methods;

  • Adjusting blood sugar levels of patients with diabetes
  • Treating cases of malnutrition
  • Preventing patients from taking medications that may cause nerve damage
  • surgically operating on nerves and physiotherapy methods
  • prescribing medication to improve the conditions are the first steps of nerve damage treatment