Flapless Implant operation with laser

New Generation Laser Dental Implant Operation

During most normal dental implant operations, the gums are cut open with horizontal and vertical incisions to be able to reach the bone, then the bone is drilled for the implant, implant is placed and the gums are sewn back with stitches.

With the Laser implant operation, the gum around the operation area is removed like a cap with laser, implant socket is prepared with special tools, following the placement of the implant the whole operation is complete in about a minute, without any need for stitches.

What are the Advantages of Laser Implant?

  • Each and every operation carries some risks. However, the laser implant operation technique lowers the risks of infection and it has been scientifically proven that the technique improves the recovery time for gum tissues. Since there are no incisions performed and no stitches made on the tissue, there is no risk of stitches coming off, and the implant-bone union occurs faster. This operation technique offers a quick operation time, without any bleeding or almost no pain at all is felt by the patient. This technique allows quick bone tissue recovery and lessens the past operational aches on the area since there are no open wounds. There is a lessened risk of local bone thinning. The patient comfort level post-operation is significantly higher, and the patients can eat easier. Compared to conventional implant operations used today, with the laser implant operation there are lessened risks of bruises or swelling on the face, lessened risk of implant coming off, or bone thinning caused by implant.Laser implant procedure is especially advantageous for patients with certain conditions such as diabetes patients suffering recovery issues, certain patients suffering hearth problems who are using blood thinners, patients with lowered immunity who may be more susceptible to infections and patients suffering from certain levels of cancer, patient suffering from advanced kidney or liver problems, patients with low pain tolerance, patients who suffer from stomach-intestine problems (gastroenterological)while using antibiotics or painkillers and patients who fear from dentists or who have suffered some sort of post-operational psychological trauma.Following the operation there is a waiting time for the implant and bone tissue to fuse. After the fusion process successfully occurs, then the implant can be fitted with crown veneer. This whole process, installation of the implant and the implant crown veneering (porcelain, zirconium, laminated etc.) can be completed within 1-3 months, with patient’s full oral and dental health restored.

For a Successful Flapless Laser Implant operation;

Laser implant operation includes small surgical processes applied to gum and jaw bone tissue. Basic and advanced implant operation training is offered by various Dentistry Faculties’ Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in a 5-years of training course. The biggest factors affecting the successful outcome of the operation is that it should be performed by Dental Specialist with Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery specialty, in a special and sterile surgical operation environment, with high quality implants and with proper implant placement techniques, all performed with adequate implant operational experience.

With the Laser Implant technique, the implant procedure has become so safe and simplified that it may be possible not to consider it as a surgery anymore.

It must be stressed that, Flapless Laser Implant and Normal Implant operations are different procedures, and should not be confused. Flapless laser implant is the latest in the implant solution technology.

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