New Generation Root Canal Treatment

How Is the New Generation Root Canal Treatment Performed?

The inflamed nerve of the decayed and inflamed tooth is removed with special instruments after the cavity is cleaned by protecting the tooth with special methods. During root canal treatment, the root canal is irrigated and cleaned with various irrigation solutions.

By virtue of special root apex locator devices and electronic root canal treatment devices, it is possible to determine the tooth size and root apex with minimum error without being exposed to unnecessary radiation. Furthermore the nerves within the tooth root are completely removed and the root canal can be expanded by purifying from unhealthy tissues.

Then, the root canal hygiene is provided with special pointers of laser and the nerve scrapings -if any-  are cleared away and the healing process is accelerated.

After this procedure, masticatory function and aesthetic appearance are provided with Aesthetic Filling by giving an intra-canal filling and an anatomical dental shape.

As a result of a wrong treatment, the recovery can delay, tooth aches may occur and even loss of tooth may eventuate.