Arthrocentesis treatment for Jaw Joint (Temporomandibular) Disorders

Arthrocentesis treatment for teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Various damages to jaw bone and joints may be caused by reasons such as jaw clenching, uneven fillings, missing teeth, one-sided chewing. In those cases, the patient may feel various grinding, shuffling and cracking noises as they open or close their jaw, and may feel aching around the back of the jaw and below the ears, or aching in or around the eyes, sinuses or in teeth. Temporomandibular joint pain is usually mistaken with other areas and is difficult to diagnose. A Dental Specialist Maxillofacial surgeon will help you plan the best course of treatment.

One of the initial treatments for temporomandibular joint pain is to clean the joint area and to inject liquid into to joint (Arthrocentesis). This procedure is based on removing the natural liquid that exist between the joint, which has lost its mechanically beneficial properties and is now causing pain with a special lubricant and nurturing liquid. The existing fluid is easily removed via 2 needles and replaced with a special artificial liquid that mimics the original properties of the old liquid that helps lubricate the joints and cartilage. This treatment may, depending on the treatment plan made by the Maxillofacial surgery specialist, may last for up to 1 month, 4 sessions in total.