Conventional Root Canal Treatment

Conventional Root Canal Treatment (with rotary instruments)

First the tooth is x-rayed, clinical examination is performed, then the diagnosis is confirmed. If the root canal treatment is necessary, the procedure is started.  Dental anesthesia is done with an injection before the operation. After removing the decayed part of the tooth with special instruments, root canal is cleaned and disinfected with special root canal treatment equipment.

Every material to be used in the mouth are exclusive and personalized and are used after being disinfected. Cleansed root canals of the disinfected tooth, is firmly filled with root canal filling materials. For the restoration of the upper parts of the tooth, anatomically shaped aesthetic fillings or aesthetic white fillings is placed. Thus, root canal treatment is fulfilled. Root canal treatment can last up to 3 sessions, depending on the condition of the tooth or can be completed in one session.