Covid-19 Precautions

Prof. Dr. Birkan Taha Ozkan Clinic Covid-19 Precautions

1. Covid-19 carries the risk of transmission through the air, skin contact, and eyes. All the precautions regarding these have been taken under international standards.

2. All of our teammates have passed the Covid test and are negative. This process will be repeated periodically.

3. Each patient disinfects his/her hands at the sensor disinfection booth located at the entrance of the clinic, wears galoshes, and puts on a mask. Then their temperature is measured using the German Beurer thermometer (37.5 limit) which has a high accuracy rate. And then they are welcomed to the clinic.

4. For those who have a clinical appointment, a Covid investigation is carried out under the guidance of international scientific articles.

5. We do not accept any companions in the waiting area, clinical appointments have been arranged ensuring isolation within the framework of the social distance principle, and an intermittent patient admission protocol is applied. Patients are independently taken to two separate operation rooms in our clinic, and any contact between them is avoided.

6. In the indoor clinical physical environment air and surface disinfection process, it has been accepted that the ULV (Cold Fogging) device is the most successful device in the disinfection device application trials of the World Health Organization (WHO). Dyna Fog brand ULV device is one of the rare effective devices approved by the World Health Organization and certified by the EU. The disinfectant we use with this device, Dupont Virkon S, is a perfect product approved by the World Health Organization and is effective against 23 families of viruses that are known to cause diseases in humans and animals. Its lethal effect against bacteria, viruses, and fungi has been proven by independent tests and is an environmentally friendly disinfectant. During air disinfection applications, the solution sprayed with the ULV device stays in the air for 1 hour, ensuring the disinfection of even dead areas. After this Cold Fogging Disinfection is carried out, the area is ventilated for at least 30 minutes, and then it is open for use. ULV device kills all pathogenic (harmful) microorganisms in the environment and prevents their reproduction. This process is repeated periodically after each patient.

7. Within the framework of Covid rules, all our teammates have undergone 10-day intensive training on suitable clothing, hygiene rules, and clinic functioning. During the periods when our clinic was closed, the whole team got prepared for the new pandemic process by having regular training and meetings every month. The distribution of tasks as per the clinical functioning was done properly. The 3-page operating protocol listed in articles has been distributed to our devoted staff.

8. Our doctor and assistant team are equipped with equipment consisting of the highest quality materials, approved by the World Health Organization, EU certified, 3M FFP2 Non-Vented Mask, 3M Visor, and 3M Full Face Mask, Dupont Tayvek Overalls, and Dupont Tayvek Non-Slip Galoshes. In this way, we provide intense protection for ourselves and our patients.

9. We have purchased a special intraoral barrier system (Ivoclar 3D Rubber Dam) to prevent the risk of the droplet and respiratory transmission from patients who are actively treated in our clinics to our staff. Thanks to this system, we can carry out the procedures only by exposing the teeth, where breathing is taken under control. Completely dry and clean, it has been considered one of the best systems in the world to prevent cross-contamination.

10. During this period, no food or beverage is served, except for disposable water and sparkling water, unless it is medically necessary.

11. Both our patients and our clinical teammates are valuable to us, the Covid new precaution protocol has now become our gold standard in the future functioning of our clinic and will continue in this way.

Everything is for you, our distinguished patients…

Wishing to Meet You with Pleasure in Safe Days…