Fluor Application

Fluor Application (Dental Sensitivity treatment)

The enamel layer that coats and protects the teeth erodes, get damaged and weakens over time due to various reasons. This causes the gum tissue to recede and toot roots become visible, which results with dental sensitivity.

What is dental sensitivity?

Dental sensitivity may also occur due to bad practices such as faulty teeth brushing, frequent consumption of food that is too hot, cold, spicy or sweet.

In addition to these, fractures on teeth, freshly applied dental fillings, and dental whitening and plaque removal may also cause dental sensitivity.

To decrease sensitivity, certain Fluor agents are applied to the area, Fluor bonds with tooth enamel and strengthens it, and protects the tooth is presence of acidity and against bacteria formation and prevents cavities from developing further.

The Application of Fluor

Fluor in gel form is applied to teeth for a minute. This application should be repeated once every 6 months. Periodic applications of Fluor help prevent cavity development and strengthens the enamel as well as decreasing sensitivity.

There is also the concentrated application of Fluor, which is directly applied to teeth in a concentrated gel form.