Periapical Cyst Removal (Apical Resection) Operation

Periapical Cyst, is a diagnosis for decayed teeth which are aimed to be recovered even though they have been treated with filling or root canal treatment. Inflammation of root apex increases in the tooth root and does not respond to any supplementary filling treatment. So it turns into a root cyst. Removal of the cyst in root apex, is also called apical resection. Main purpose is to recover patient’s tooth, provide the aesthetic of lesioned anterior or posterior teeth for a longer period and its participation to mastication.

Operation takes about thirty minutes. Patient is locally anesthetized. Tooth to be operated is cut with the laser use method which is one of the best methods to reach the apex. Gingiva is removed to reach the jaw bone and then jaw bone is removed to reach the tooth root. Tooth root is removed along with the inflamed tissue. Every place where the infection did or may have been spread over is carefully and thoroughly cleansed. Cystic or inflamed tissues at the root apex is removed with a special operation. If necessary, filler material can be applied to the root apex to prevent leaks in root canal and to tampon better. Then the gingiva is replaced and the apical resection treatment is completed with the suture. The patient gets necessary medication with prescription. It is advised to apply a cold compress for the first 24 hours and hot compress for the next 2 to 3 days after operation, in order to prevent the possible swelling.

If this method of operation is not accepted, additional methods may be tried to avoid tooth extraction. If the tooth cannot be rescued even though additional tooth rescue methods have been tried, the gap ensued after tooth extraction can be treated with implant-denture teeth (zircon or porcelain) applications.

The success rate of an apical resection operation fulfilled after a successful root canal treatment is very high.