Prof. Dr. Birkan Taha Özkan - Dental Specialist

Craze Line Filling

Craze Line Filling

Craze Line filling application is a method used to cover the crazes that appear on chewing surfaces of temporary teeth and molars as well as the back surfaces of frontal teeth with a transparent and protective coating.

Dur to the natural structure of teeth the top chewing surfaces of teeth is indented, which allows for food particles to accumulate there, increasing the likelihood of bacterial accumulation and risk of cavity formation. It may be impossible to completely clear these indentations, regardless of the amount of brushing. Craze line fillers fill these gaps to prevent bacterial accumulation and cavity formation.

What is Craze Line Filling procedure?

Craze Line filling is can be performed in a manner of minutes, without any pain or needles. A successful application of the method quickly fills these gaps and prevents cavity formations for life.

How is this method performed?

  • Tooth surface is cleared with special tools without making any deep scratches.
  • Indentations located on the chewing surface of the teeth is cleaned carefully with acid, without spilling it anywhere else and then smoothened. This application kills all the bacteria.
  • Craze lines are filled with a special filling agent, this offers life long protection against cavity formation.