Zirconium (Strengthened Porcelain)

Zirconium (Strengthened Porcelain)

Zirconium is highly preferred in smile aesthetics since it is a white metal with light diffraction properties, offering a full natural look. Previously used veneer materials did not provide the same level of light diffraction and as such failed at offering the natural look, while zirconium looks quite natural. Another factor helping with this popularity is that it takes very little time for it to adapt to oral and dental tissues.

Zirconium Teeth

Dentists usually recommend zirconium to patients who express their desire to have dental veneers; zirconium is preferred because of its high compatibility with gum tissue, its light diffraction properties, and its high durability. It also offers the closest material durability characteristics during chewing of any other material and greatly facilitates the acclimation process

In cases where two or three teeth are missing and the necessary thickness can be achieved, zirconium bridges can be made. Zirconium has a low allergy risk with the gum tissue, and because of its compatibility, doesn’t cause bad breath.


Zirconium tooth is very costly, since it is imported, but in regards to health, aesthetic and durability, is far more functional than most other veneer material or prosthesis. Despite its cost, because of its advantages in health and smile aesthetics, it is becoming increasingly popular among dentists and patients.

While zirconium has its uses in many other sectors, it is used in dental health to its full potential. other than its cost, which is a direct result of natural mining practices, zirconium has no other disadvantages. Another factor affecting the cost is the method of its special production. Zirconium veneer costs vary not only based on the quality of the material but also depending on the laboratory production variables and the doctors own rate. With its price gradually decreasing every year, zirconium proves itself to be one of the best options for those who want whiter and healthier teeth.