Treatment of Crossed Teeth

Single operation treatment of crossed teeth

Uneven teeth and similar problems, which may take brace treatment for up to two years to treat can be treated on certain patients in one session with a special operation, with just 1 month of post-operation fixating dental brace wearing required.

If the jaw is misaligned, if the upper jaw is overextending or the lower mandible is to far back, the operation is postponed for after the puberty, when the teeth will have taken their final shape and position. Simple teeth misalignments however, can be treated starting from ages 12 or even earlier. For overextending lower jaw, however, the operation must be performed before the age of 7.

Today, it is possible to treat almost all oral problems with many different methods and approaches.

When Treatment is deemed necessary?

  • Treatment of uneven, misaligned teeth, obviously visible or not, should be treated as early as possible. Dental checks must be periodically performed to detect any signs of problems as early as possible.
  • If during smiling, the gap between the teeth is too visible, or gum tissue is too visible, an expert consultation is recommended.
  • Biting and chewing problems should be brought to a dental specialist’s attention.
  • If the patient constantly hears sounds from the jaw joints or suffers from occasional jaw locks, this indicates a dental problem.
  • If there is a missing tooth in mouth and the other teeth are sliding to that area, treatment must begin as soon as possible.