Crown Lengthening

While many patients suffer from having short teeth, most don’t consult a dental specialist for this problem. There are many methods for lengthening short teeth, however a comprehensive and detailed periodontal and jaw bone analysis is required beforehand. If the short appearance of teeth is caused by excessive gum tissue, this can easily be corrected with laser periodontal aesthetic surgery. If the teeth themselves are short, they can be lengthened with orthodontic treatment or surgical operations. If both the teeth themselves are small and the periodontal tissue is minimal, then the teeth can be lengthened with various crown veneers (laminated, porcelain, Lumineers, zirconium) as well as providing aesthetic smiles and teeth alignment as desired.

Some patients fear that this process will be painful or don’t consider this as enough reason to visit a dental specialist. Below are some of the methods used for this condition.

Mock-up application

This is a trial application, made to last for a few days in patient’s mouth. If the patient is happy with the results, can be reapplied as permanent.

Wax-up Application.

Trial application made with wax.

Digital Design

Patient’s mouth is photographed and then digitized in computer, there various teeth design is applied in computer environment as desired.

Whether the patient is suffering from tooth loss or short teeth, consulting a dental specialist is crucial for both ensuring your dental health and improving quality of life.