Protruding Jaw

This is the term used generally to describe when lower jaw is over extended. In cases where the lower jaw is extended beyond a certain point, the jaw may be shortened or the lower jaw may be moved backwards. If the patient desires a small decrease in jaw extension, the aesthetic look can be achieved with a chin trimming operation. However, in some cases other techniques which allows the repositioning of the chin may yield healthier results. Usually short-lasting, these procedures are performed to minimize the jaw and to achieve a more elegant look and are known as operational procedures. Patients who undergo these treatments must visit for periodical controls.

Are there any scars left following the operation?

Jaw and chin extension operations are performed by inserting platinum miniplates from small incisions made inside the mouth. Since there are no cuts made on the skin, it is considered an aesthetic operation. For chin filling operations are also performed via small incisions made from inside the mouth, there are no marks left on the skin. Following the operation, some purple areas may appear on the patient’s skin; while this is dependent on the patient’s skin sensitivity, if the skin is loose or skin sensitive, these areas may be larger. These purple areas are expected to disappear within 2-3 weeks following the operation.