Depressed or Small Chin

These operations include silicon filling into the depressed chin while keeping the general shape of the jaw: This operation allows the patient to have a more pronounced chin line. In case of shorter jaw bones, the chin can be moved forward via miniplates and screws. The moving forward of chin with miniplates and platinum-based implants generally results with a thinning appearance of the jowl and may allow for easier breathing as the muscles bound to the jaw are now moved forward which releases pressure from the windpipe. Other than allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing look, this operation will allow for easier breathing, and may positively help with sleep quality, helps with heart fatigue. It may also decrease dry mouth and odors caused by breathing through the mouth, which the possible benefit of helping prevent dental problems since the mouth remains closed during the sleep.

Since chin is one of the most visible part of the face, any operations on the are must be carefully planned and executed. It is crucial for the operating Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon to be experienced and skilled.

Jaw Extension Operations

Jaw extension and retraction operations are surgical operations performed to aesthetically optimize the placement of jaw bones, teeth, soft and hard tissues.

Why does these Jaw structure deformities occur?

Jaw structure can deform due to various reason such as genetic factors, developmental deformities that occur with time, or incidents such as impacts or hits to the area.

When upper and lower jaws misalign, various negative conditions such as aesthetic loss, speech difficulties, difficulty in chewing, tooth cavities, gum diseases and jaw bone thinning may occur.

Why these Jaw operations are performed?

  • In cases where jaw and teeth are misaligned and braces are not sufficient in solving the issue, there may be need a for surgical operations.
  • These operations can be performed to improve the aesthetics of jaw and to improve chewing; cases that prevent patients from properly biting or chewing food can be remedied this way, improving the chewing function of the patients.
  • These operations can also be useful in shortening otherwise lengthy orthodontic treatment periods by surgically moving the teeth and jaw bone to their anatomically correct positions
  • A jaw with proper anatomic proportions also contributes to the overall aesthetic appearance.
  • Allows for easier breathing.
  • May help with sleep apnea problems.
  • Improves speech
  • By having the jaw or chin moved forward, the jowl appearance may be improved.