Laser treatment

Is Laser treatment effective for Jaw Clenching and temporomandibular joint pains?

Jaw clenching and teeth grinding, occurring due to the muscle contraction, may result with some complications, such as teeth enamel erosion, microfractures, tooth decay, filling loss, gum diseases, loss in mastication function, thinning of jawbone, digestive problems due to teeth surface flattening and aches around eyes, sinuses, head, or face caused by strain on jaw joint. It is important to conduct detailed clinical and radiological early examination and full diagnosis, followed by an early treatment is crucial in ensuring the patient’s health and comfort.

Laser operations, which are one of the high-technology operations frequently employed in health sector, performed to alleviate temporomandibular joint discomfort caused by teeth grinding and jaw clenching has a relaxing effect. It can be considered as a side-treatment, with soothing and relaxing effects, applied to the jaw joint and muscles responsible for clenching under certain conditions to improve local healing. This treatment can be applied in 4 sessions during the 1-month treatment period to alleviate muscle spasm pains from the jaw area.