What is Herpes?

Herpes, caused by harmful viruses, is the painful blisters that occur near the mouth that begin as small pimple filled with liquid. While most commonly seen outside the mouth, rarely they may be seen inside the mouth. While aphtha can be seen anywhere around inside the mouth, herpes is only seen on immobile tissue if seen inside the mouth, such as the palate tissue. Herpes is caused by viruses and is contagious.

Why Herpes occurs?

Herpes usually occurs in situations where the body grows weaker,

  • Excessive fatigue,
  • Sleep depravity,
  • High fever,
  • excessive fear & agitation,
  • women’s period,
  • weakened immune system,
  • during pregnancy

Herpes is usually seen around the mouth in these situations. Not properly sterilizing medical equipment may also cause herpes from one patient to pass to another patient.

Important Rules for Herpes

These small pustules filled with water must not be touched, as herpes is contagious. If touched, the hands must properly be washed. For treatment, it may be preferable to postpone the treatment for 1 week to let the actively contagious phase of herpes to pass before continuing the treatment.

  • Women may carefully apply make -up to the infected area with a cotton swap. The same care must be taken while also removing the make-up, or else herpes may quickly spread.
  • Patients suffering from herpes must not kiss infants, children or others.
  • Cutlery and other tools used by the patient must be separated from commonly used tools.
  • Food and drinks must not be shared others, especially with children.
  • Patients must not pick on the herpes tissue or try to touch the scab left by herpes. This may cause herpes and other viruses to spread.

Everyday Remedies for Herpes Treatment

The following recommendations may help with treating and containing herpes.

  • Alcohol and antiseptic drugs prevent the herpes viruses from developing and spreading
  • Applying ice to the herpes tissue may help with the pain.
  • Painkillers may help reducing the pain caused by herpes.
  • Herpes treatment creams will counter the herpes virus, prevent it from harming the skin.

If in addition to herpes, you suffer from other symptoms such as headaches, high fever, joint aches and nausea, you must immediately consult with your dentist or nearest hospital, as these may be symptoms of other disorders.

Laser Herpes Treatment

Does your hand constantly go to scratch that sore? Do you want to quickly get rid of herpes? Then look no further.

Same with the aphtha treatment, laser treatment offers one of the fastest and most efficient treatment solution for herpes. Laser treatment is lightly applied to the area without a need for local anesthesia. One of the aims of this treatment is also to prevent herpes formation after the operation. Shortly after the laser treatment, the pain rapidly decreases and the lesion begins to heal.