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This is a non-issue if you have an Nvidia GPU, but it’s concerning to see a few monitors now where performance and settings do not behave the same on different GPUs. This is not at all what buyers would expect, so it really needs to be tightened up such that all HDR input devices get to access the full brightness capabilities accurately. The G8 is the best of the four QD-OLEDs in terms of color accuracy and color performance capabilities. From the factory my unit had great grayscale performance, above average for a gaming monitor with a deltaE ITP of just 3.6 and excellent white balance. The monitor does ship without a gamut clamp enabled by default, so SDR content like YouTube videos will be oversaturated if you don’t adjust any settings, leading to poor delta Es.

The Samsung has a 4k resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate, while the LG has a 1440p resolution and a higher 180Hz max refresh rate. The LG has a slightly better response time, especially at 60Hz, and it’s better for bright rooms because it gets brighter and has better reflection handling. However, the Samsung is a better choice for console gaming thanks to its HDMI 2.1 inputs, and it has a local dimming feature, which the LG doesn’t have, but it causes blooming around bright objects. As always, various game titles were tested using AMD FreeSync and the experience was similar in all cases. Any issues which affect one title but not others would suggest a GPU driver issue or game issue rather than a monitor issue. To keep things simple, we’ll just focus on Battlefield titles for this section.

Samsung HD204UI_JP.exe: Patch/Update für Firmware

I don’t recall how Linus Tech Tips does their reviews. Again it is a Windows centric world and Apple and Linux users are left to fend for themselves. For better download quality, it is recommended to use software like Flashget or Getright to monitor your file download status for saving your treasure time and efforts. BETA describes a new version that is reliable yet may not include all the features of the final product.

  • NONE of these new files are visible in the listing.
  • Most have built-in WiFi for connecting to your network.
  • My only gripe is the difficulty i’ve had registering it for the warranty.

Fine-tuned components might struggle to read your disc if the disc is damaged, the hardware is damaged, or incorrectly connected. If your phone has a USB-C port, you can plug this adapter into your phone, and then plug an HDMI cable into the adapter to connect to the TV. Your phone will need to support HDMI Alt Mode, which allows mobile devices to output video. Load DVD. Insert your DVD into disc drive and click “DVD Disc” button on the main interface of WinX DVD Ripper to select and load the DVD disc into this DVD ripping software. Understanding this you can see that most movies you want to play from the USB have to be downgraded to a supported DVD resolution. 720×480 NTSC or 720×576 PAL, with MPEG2 or AC3 audio.

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For someone like me that can easily get motion sickness, I gotta be mindful of this phenomenon. Remember – nits is a measurement of candela per meter square – which means it is the density of brightness. Across such a huge curved panel, the amount of light entering your eyes is a lot.

Turn Off Dynamic Brightness

Or towards the top of the screen as well if viewing the screen very centrally or below centre – in other words, the different tints shifted readily with head movement. There were not obvious bursts of saturated orange or green which shift with head movement, from a normal viewing position, as you’d observe on a TN model. This indicates a moderate viewing angle dependency to the gamma curve of the monitor, characteristic of a VA panel.