Why Do You Have Itchy Gums?

Why Do You Have Itchy Gums?

Do you care enough about your dental health? A few ailments you see simply could mean that your gums are facing a serious health problem. If you are experiencing an itching sensation or sense of pressure in your gums, this may feel like a ‘tingling’ at times. In this context, we will examine the reasons for this situation, which will cause you discomfort and negatively affect your dental health.

Let us remind you: Prof. Dr. Birkan Özkan makes use of modern diagnostic methods using extremely high technology medical tools. In this way, it becomes easier to diagnose and immediately start the treatment of gum itching.

What are the Causes of Itchy Gums?

First of all, let’s clarify this: there are many bacteria in our mouth and especially in our gums. These bacteria encounter various acids with every food you eat. If these are not cleaned regularly, tartar or plaque formation can be seen on your gums. These can also cause itchy gums.

Plaque Formation

Itching gums may have been caused by plaque formation. Plaque can build up on both your teeth and gums. This mass is usually colorless, but it seriously irritates your gums. This irritation can also cause itching. If you do not want to experience this, you should definitely brush your teeth twice a day and switch to a dental floss routine once a day.

Existing Gum Disease

Do you have a disease in your gums? Generally, gingivitis can cause serious problems. But how so? Gingivitis will mean that the gums start to swell, become red and bleed. This will also mean experiencing a strange tingling and itching sensation. If you have gingivitis, we recommend that you consult your dentist. To avoid such a situation, create and follow your dental cleaning routine.


The foods you use in daily life and are allergic to not only affect your eyes or nose, but also your oral health. The allergy you experience may cause a temporary itch on your gums. For example, many people with pollen allergy may experience an itch due to the irritation in the mouth.

If you think you are experiencing such a situation, we recommend that you consult your dentist.

After Dental Surgery

Sometimes, if you do not use salt water mouthwash in case of tooth extraction or other dental surgeries, you may experience a temporary itching on your gums. Usually, regular saltwater rinses can reduce this situation.