Why Do Unwanted Stains Occur on Teeth?

Why Do Unwanted Stains Occur on Teeth?

Your teeth are very valuable accessories for you and therefore it should be important for you that they always look clean and aesthetic. This is the reason why structure, color, and deformities on teeth become serious problems. People want to smile more confidently and lead their lives more enjoyable. However, teeth with many unwanted stains prevent this situation. So, what causes unwanted stains on teeth? Why are your teeth not as white and shiny as you would like?

Today, we will talk about the daily routines that can cause this situation. Let’s start if you wish.

Frequently Consumed Foods May Damage Tooth Color

Some foods can be extremely rich in tannins. In such cases, consuming them frequently will mean setting certain colors on your teeth. For example, red wine is one of the foods rich in tannins. Individuals who frequently consume coffee, tea, or red wine may experience yellowing over time. Dentists often recommend that teeth be brushed or rinsed immediately after consumption.

Antibiotic (Tetracycline) or Excess Fluorite Consumption

Antibiotic or fluorite consumption may cause various color changes in the enamel and dentin layer of the teeth. In fact, fluoride is a highly effective substance that delays tooth decay. However, if you consume this substance more than necessary, the fluorosis in it will be released and this will mean that your teeth will experience color change. Both kinds of toothpaste and drinking water are rich in this regard.

Insufficient Dental Care

If you do not brush your teeth enough, your teeth may start to turn yellowish over time. Genetically, some individuals have yellower teeth color, but apart from genetic factors, insufficient daily care routine can result in yellowing of teeth. Flossing and brushing together will create an extremely powerful oral care routine. Remember, if you do not care enough, the plaque that will accumulate on the teeth will cause discoloration over time.

After Dental Calculus Cleaning

Some hand devices that work with vibration are used during tartar cleaning. Tooth polishing is carried out with a special, strong cream immediately after cleaning. Hand-held and vibrating device basically removes tartar, but they can also cause scratches or damage on teeth. Therefore, re-staining of the teeth and reappearance of tartar in a short time after cleaning and polishing may occur. Therefore, the main purpose is to protect teeth at all times.

Use of Tobacco and Tobacco Products

Cigarettes and other tobacco products contain components called nicotine and tar. Both of these ingredients contain chemicals that can cause the yellowing of your teeth. Continuous use of tobacco products will mean that you interact more with such substances.

Under the name of dental cleaning and teeth whitening treatments, our clinic offers the following services:

  1. Scaling and polishing
  2. Silicone Spray and Tooth Whitening
  3. Laser Tooth Whitening