What is Root Canal Renewal? Why is it performed?

What is Root Canal Renewal? Why is it performed?

Root canal treatment usually means cleaning and refilling the pulp layer of the tooth to eliminate the infection caused by the inflammation of tooth decay that reaches the roots. The pulp, completely cleaned of the nerves, does not cause any damage to the physical functions of the tooth. In this way, you do not have to adjust your eating habits or chewing behavior in your daily life.

It is possible to say that dental cavities, which are not treated for a long time and spread to the nerves, can cause tooth loss over time and hidden bone loss around the mouth. Therefore, if a root canal treatment is not carried out correctly, patients prefer to get rid of dental problems quickly with root canal renewal. So, what are the success rates of root canal renewal? Can root canal treatment be renewed for the second or third time?

Let us find the answers to these questions together!

When Can Root Canal Renewal Procedure Be Taken?

Patients who have undergone unsuccessful root canal therapy may observe this because of the following two situations:

  1. Root canal treatment may have somehow caused damage to the healthy tooth areas,
  2. Discomfort before root canal treatment may have relapsed.

In this case, the root canal treatment will need to be renewed. Some patients may need to have the same operation for the second or third time after unfortunate root canal treatment procedures. The fact that the treatments are causally related to the nerves makes the treatments extra sensitive. Therefore, it is exceptionally critical to obtain support from a professional dentist for the correct root canal treatment.

You can apply to your physician and talk about your complaints to decide the time of root canal replacement.

What is Root Canal Renewal?

For root canal renewal, the root canal filling materials applied in the previous procedure must be removed from the mouth. Next, your physician applies various dental medicines to the root area to eliminate the bacteria that have formed in this process and to eliminate the infection. For the tooth to be used comfortably during the healing process for a while, the tooth is covered with filling material.

Your doctor will ask you to wait between seven and 10 days for the cleansing and infection removal process. At the end of this period, your temporary filling material is removed, and the canal filling is made in the area that has been completely free of infection. It is extremely vital to make sure that the channels are thoroughly cleaned before filling.

If the infection or bacteria in the root area are more stubborn than expected, the predicted time can be increased with a temporary filling and you may need to visit your doctor several times.

What is the Probability of the Success of Root Canal Renewal?

Root canal treatment performed by a professional and experienced dentist carries an extremely high probability of success, even if it is performed after cleaning the previous procedure. For this, it is especially important to use modern medical devices and to work carefully in sensitive nerve areas. By visiting your dentist after a period of root canal treatment, you can keep the progress under control.