What are the causes of severe toothache? 

What are the causes of severe toothache?

A toothache in individuals is an important dental and oral health problem that may develop due to several reasons. Toothaches; occur because of many reasons such as erosion of tooth enamel, tooth fractures or cracks, tooth decay, erosion of wisdom teeth. Although a toothache, which is likely to be encountered by individuals of all ages throughout their lives, mostly through traditional methods, it is the best behavior to go to the dentist and have the necessary controls. Painkillers or antibiotics used outside of the doctor’s recommendation may cause further problems and severe deterioration of oral health. In-home treatments, alcohol, cologne, and similar irritants are used, which causes damage to the teeth and surrounding tissues.

The most severe toothache is caused by cavities in the teeth. Factors that cause the formation of decays are not doing mouth and teeth cleaning or not enough cleaning. Failure to clean the consumed bakery and sugary foods cause the bacteria in the mouth to feed on these residues and form acid. As a result of the growth of bacteria that settle in the teeth and tooth roots over time, tooth enamel weakens, and decays occur. A toothache, which occurs in the form of throbbing often accompanied by strong pain, becomes unbearable by increasing its severity if the necessary treatment is not done.

If the problems that cause pain are inflammation or abscess, the area where the painful tooth is swollen noticeably from the outside affects the facial aesthetics negatively. Also, the individual has cold-hot sensitivity, and continuous pains occur. When pressing on the teeth in the abscess and inflammatory pain, the pain increases, and small fractures may occur in the teeth. If there are decay and an inflammatory environment in the tooth, it is not possible to treat these pains with separate methods. It is imperative to apply to a specialist dentist as soon as possible and perform the necessary treatment.

In Prof. Dr. Birkan Özkan’s clinic, it is ensured that the factors that cause severe toothache are determined after a thorough examination. A detailed toothache treatment plan is made and implemented. This type of intervention, which allows you to seek relief from your pain in a brief time, can support you get strong results.

Today we will look at the potential causes of severe toothache. Let us begin if you please.


Tooth Decay

One of the most frequent causes of severe toothache is cavities. Decays cause damage to the gums and teeth because of the interaction of food residues that are uncleaned and that press on the gums and teeth for a long time with acids. If tooth decay progresses slowly, you may be unaware of it until the decay rises to a certain level. However, as the decay reaches the nerve part of the tooth, the pain begins to increase suddenly, and a severe dental problem occurs.

In the treatment of tooth decay, a new material that can complete the dental function is used instead of the decay by cleaning. For this, dental filling or root canal treatment may be preferred. Especially if the nerve area called “pulp” is affected by the decay, root canal treatments are often preferred.



Tooth Abscess

Failure to intervene in tooth decay at the right time may cause the nerve area in the root of the tooth to be destroyed at a high rate over time. Experiencing such a function problem in the area called pulp results in the formation of a dental abscess. It is possible to perform it with high-technology devices and innovative methods in Prof. Dr. Birkan Özkan’s clinic.

In our clinic, he can perform abscess evacuation, root canal treatment, extraction, gum cleaning, and treatment. The operations performed to the extent permitted and required by your oral and dental health are organized in a way that can generate the most pleasing results for you.

Inflamed Gums

You may experience various gum diseases due to inflamed or infected gums. Gum infections may occur due to hormonal changes, side effects of various medications that must be used, unbalanced nutrition routine, smoking and not focusing enough attention on oral and dental care. Oral and dental health can be kept under control by having adequate oral, dental, and gum care and by having a dentist appointment at least every six months.

In addition to the reasons described above, broken teeth and wisdom teeth can be listed as other common conditions that cause a severe toothache.