What Are The Benefits of Dental Implant? Should I Choose Dental Implant?

What Are The Benefits of Dental Implant? Should I Choose Dental Implant?

The appearance of our teeth and gums in daily life can directly affect our self-esteem. An aesthetic smile, the comfort we feel while showing the chewing behavior in our daily nutrition routine, and much more are closely related to our ability to have our teeth completely.

The main purpose of the dental implant is to provide you an artificial tooth with functional, high-quality, and durable materials by eliminating the missing tooth appearance. Basically, the dental implant requires the preservation of the jawbone and the insertion of titanium screws that act as a tooth root into this bone. When titanium screws are inserted, they act as tooth roots. Your dentist will place dental prostheses as your new teeth on these screws.

How Long Does Dental Implant Take?

At Prof. Dr. Birkan Özkan Dental Clinic, we care about the completion of dental procedures in the shortest time with maximum care and quality.

  1. Implant with suturing (Using Flap)
  2. Flapless Implant Operation with Laser
  3. Advanced Implant Surgery (Bone Expansion, Bone Augmentation, Sinus Operation, Bone Transplantation etc.)
  4. Over-Implant – Dental Bridge
  5. Snap-on Prosthesis over Implant

A basic dental implant procedure can be completed in just five minutes. Of course, various imaging techniques can be used to help your doctor determine what strategy to follow before treatment. We also offer implant without a flap to our patients. Since these implants do not require an additional flap step, they can be completed approximately within a minute and a half.

Who would be a good candidate for the implant?

If you have dental health problems but are not sure if the implant is the right method for you, check out this: Implant can be a long-term and powerful treatment for individuals who experience the following conditions.

  1. Lack of a single tooth
  2. Multiple teeth missing
  3. Complete loss of the teeth

Prefer consulting your doctor for further examinations.

Why You Should Treat Your Missing Tooth? Is Implant Required?

There may be a gap on your gum due to your missing tooth. This gap may result in other teeth trying to cover the area. For example, the teeth on both sides of the area where the tooth is missing may bend towards the empty area over time and deform or the other tooth on the upper part of the tooth may start to get longer towards the gap. All these situations cause both functional and aesthetic problems. Here are the problems that a missing teeth may cause:

  1. Teeth that start to incline in a certain direction cause gum problems over time.
  2. Changes in tooth shapes can cause some problems in terms of smile aesthetics.
  3. Chewing performance can be reduced, which can cause physical digestion (physical digestion is a process that begins in the mouth through chewing and mouth acid) harming or making it difficult.
  4. Various health problems may occur in the jaw joint.
  5. Tooth brushing may start to not provide enough hygiene in your teeth.
  6. In the long term, you may see tooth decay or tooth loss.
  7. The asymmetrical appearance on the chin and face may deteriorate over time.
  8. Permanent damage may occur in the teeth or jaw.

What are the Benefits of a Dental Implant?

  1. Dental prostheses used after the strong structure of dental implants are extremely robust and are a long-term solution.
  2. Dental implants can create an extremely natural appearance, which will mean you have a high rate of self-confidence in everyday life.
  3. Dental implants do not require cutting of your existing healthy teeth. This will mean a minimum amount of sacrifice.
  4. Dental implants can mean that you may not have problems with the same teeth again for many years.