Unsuccessful Root Canal Treatment: How Do You Know If There Is A Problem in Your Treatment? 

Unsuccessful Root Canal Treatment: How Do You Know If There Is A Problem in Your Treatment?

Why Root Canal Treatment?
Root canal treatment is a treatment method used to repair or save a tooth that has decayed or has been infected. During the root canal treatment, nerves are removed, and the pulp of the tooth is cleaned and filled.
Sometimes, when you visit the dentist due to the intense toothache you experience, the intense pains with cold-hot sensitivity that develop enough to wake you up at night, and the throbbing pain that continues while eating may be resolved with root canal treatment. In some situations, you may experience pain again after your doctor’s root canal treatment. This may mean that the treatment was not done professionally enough. Therefore, how is a failed root canal treatment understood? Which situations indicate that “there is a problem here” after root canal treatment? Let us examine it together.
First, let us say this: in Prof. Dr.Birkan Özkan’s clinic, treatments are carried out by following the high technologies in the field of Oral and Jaw. In a process that requires a high level of professionalism such as root canal treatment, it can be possible for us to finish your procedure in a single session with the help of an automatic root canal treatment device and laser.

What to Do in Case of Unsuccessful Root Canal Treatment?
If the root canal treatment performed by your physician does not deliver the expected result or with this result, it causes many sensitivities, root tip inflammation, chewing disorder, and tooth loss. To prevent this situation from turning into a chain adverse reaction, root canal treatment should be done as promptly as possible. You can apply to Prof. Dr. Birkan Özkan.

How to Understand Unsuccessful Root Canal Treatment?

An unsuccessful root canal treatment may have the following results:

  1. If a sufficiently strong and fully sealed canal is unfilled, it is possible for the bacteria in the mouth to reach the root area of the teeth. This may occur with complaints like inflammation, infection, and pain in the teeth. If this situation is unresolved, it may turn into a severe headache, which might negatively affect our living standards and may cause severe pain in the jaw, eye, and head.
  2. The infection in the mouth may not remain in its primary form. Increasing and spreading infections in our mouth can be observed with problems like swelling and reddening of the gums.
  3. The dental abscess can spread towards the root of the tooth and cause both inflammation and swelling. When inflammation occurs, the bacteria might press on the pus in a narrow area at the end of the root where the swelling occurs and can cause the tooth discharge to be observed.
  4. Sensitivity and tingling experienced intensely in the face of both hot and cold weather or food may be one of the most critical indicators of a failed root canal treatment. Although the sensitivity for the first few days or a week is understandable, the persistence of this can be a permanent oral health problem.
  5. Failure to do the root canal treatments, especially in the upper jaw posterior teeth, may cause sinus problems. The most important feature of the infection that spreads from the posterior teeth to the upper jaw sinus is that it can trigger conditions such as jaw pain, eye pain, nasal congestion, or discharge.


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