My Mouth Does Not Close, How to Treat?

My Mouth Does Not Close, How to Treat?

There are some significant reasons that people are not able to close their mouths. The tooth structure might be one of them. People, who are not able to close their mouths, might have a tooth structure condition. In addition to that, people may not be able to close their mouth if they have teeth that are skewed or have asymmetrical jaw conditions as well. Wisdom teeth or loss of teeth may cause the condition because they can damage the structure of the mouth and the jaw. Besides that, if there are more teeth than it has to be, the teeth may cause essential problems on the movement of the mouth. There are some of the conditions below which might be the reason that you are not able to close your mouth;

  • If the lower jaw does not stand in the right position.
  • If there are extra teeth that should not be in the mouth.
  • If the upper jaw stands forward.
  • If the teeth do not allow the mouth to close because of the position and the sizes.
  • If the teeth are pushing each other and damaging the mouth structure.
  • If the upper teeth and lower teeth do not overlap as they should.

If you have one of these conditions or an extra structure disorder, they might be the reasons that you are not able to close your mouth and you need treatment as soon as possible. An expert dentist will recommend a treatment for you.

The Treatment for Jaw That Doesn’t Close

Every person has a different jaw and mouth structure and the level of the condition can be changeable on each person at the same time. To decide on the most reasonable treatment, people who have this condition should contact an expert dentist as soon as possible. The dentist can recommend the best solution for the condition after the mouth structure, tooth structure, and jaw structure are checked carefully. In addition to that, the process might be changeable. While some people need long times for the result, some people might need shorter times according to the level of the condition.