Laser Whitening

Laser technology has many applications today, ranging from heath sector to construction sector, and heavily preferred in medical applications for treatment of various conditions. It is also the quickest teeth whitening method available. With red laser application, teeth can be whitened 4 or 5 color tones in a single 15-mins session.

Laser Application

It is strongly recommended that laser whitening be performed by a medical professional. Prior to the whitening operation, the teeth must be clean of dental plaques and the surface must be transparent and clear. The laser must be applied at a correct angle and level, and the gel amount must be correct which requires professional experience.

  • A liquid is applied to a dry and clean tooth surface,
  • Then the whitening tool is kept at a certain distance and angle to the surface.
  • Depending on the method used, the tool can be kept on tooth for a certain amount of time.
  • The tool is removed and tooth is cleaned.
  • The toot is whitened in a quick and simple 15mins operation.

How Frequently can Laser Whitening be Used?

This depends on the quality of the laser tool and how the patient maintains their oral hygiene. With periodic controls and by refraining from teeth coloring agents, laser whitened teeth can last for 2 or 3 years. Excessive coffee, tea consumption, smoking and not properly maintaining oral hygiene may require that the operation must be performed again in a year.

Is Laser Whitening Harmful?

If performed by a medical professional, whitening methods are not harmful. It would be wrong to guarantee the safety of other whitening methods available in market. Many teeth whitening methods, while not dangerous, may permanently harm the teeth. For example, lemon and baking soda method, which may offer a quick whitening effect is actually harmful to the teeth by causing oxidation, permanently damaging the enamel. This is quite harmful for the teeth.

Laser whitening costs may vary depending on the city, clinic, the materials and tools used in the process and depending on the doctor’s rates. This procedure must be performed with utmost attention.