If There Is No Bone in My Mouth, Is It Not Possible to Have Implant?

If There Is No Bone in My Mouth, Is It Not Possible to Have Implant?

When the patient does not have an appropriate jawbone or have different conditions the implant treatment might not be operated on. After examining the patient’s jaw structure and condition, the expert may consider bone transplantation. The treatment to be applied may differ from patient to patient. New bone formation techniques might be applied to the patient. The bone transplantation will be operated with the bone taken from the appropriate part of the body and the patient’s jaw structure will be brought to a suitable structure by the bone transplantation. Besides bone transplantation, the expert may consider different treatment methods or applications which are suitable for the jaw structure. The patient should inform the expert about the disease or special conditions. After then the process can be created with the expert.

When there is a bone-related problem, the patient should not despair and should see an expert immediately. In addition to that, the specialist can apply the most appropriate method if the operation is necessary. It should be noted that it is not possible to operate the same treatment for everyone who would like to have implant treatment. Since the jaw structure differs from person to person, not every operation is valid for everyone. The jaw structure should be checked and examined. After that, the most appropriate result should be tried to be achieved.

How Can I Have Implant Treatment?

The patient should consult an expert doctor for the implant treatment. There are no definite conditions that can be said for the implant treatment. First of all, the structure of the patient’s mouth and the bone structure should be examined. In the necessary situations, the operation process is improved with the different treatment methods if the bone and the mouth structure are not appropriate for the implant treatment. In order to minimize all kinds of risks in the operation, the necessary treatment is applied and the patient is fully informed at the same time. If the expert considers the conditions appropriate and finished the additional treatments, the operation can be started.