How is Implant Bone Transplant Done?

How is Implant Bone Transplant Done?

In some cases, the implant treatment might not be operated. If the patient does not have the appropriate jawbone, a bone transplant may be required. The bone can be transplanted from many different parts of the body. In the necessary situations, the jawbone can be thinned or thickened with the bone taken from different parts of the body. The bone transplantation can be operated by taking it from both the oral and extraoral parts of the body.

The treatment to be applied may differ from patient to patient because everyone’s mouth and jaw structure are different from each other. The expert who will operate the treatment will decide on the most appropriate treatment method. After the examining the patient’s teeth, dental structure, and the jaw structure with the tools deemed appropriate, the most appropriate application might start. This situation may vary from person to person. For this reason, the patient needs to get accurate information and contact the expert. The patient will be able to follow the process according to the expert plan. The operation can be started by selecting the appropriate area where the treatment would be applied.

The bone transplantation will be operated with the bone taken from the appropriate part of the body and the patient’s jaw structure will be brought to a suitable structure. If the jawbone of the patient is not thin or thick enough, this problem will be corrected and the operation will be completed. While the process varies from person to person, there is an essential process that should be applied after the surgery as well.

Factors to Consider After Bone Transplantation

After the treatment, the patient should avoid the movement that will force the sutures. In addition to that, the patient should protect the mouth and surroundings for a while. Immediately after the surgery, the tampons are placed in the mouth for 20 minutes. It is recommended to apply ice treatment after the bone transplantation every 10 minutes for 48 hours. The patient must fully comply with the procedures recommended by the expert. Otherwise, there might be unexpected situations.