How Can I Make My Teeth White and Pearly?

How Can I Make My Teeth White and Pearly?

Almost every person wants to have white and shining teeth. Although there are some natural ways for it, it may not always be permanent. The things we eat and drink during the day can leave stains on our teeth. In addition to that, some foods and beverages may cause tooth discoloration at the same time. Especially people who consume tea and coffee usually face these problems. Although some toothpaste or natural methods are temporary solutions, they are almost non-permanent. Most dentists recommend teeth whitening methods as a solution to this problem. When people prefer the whitening method on their teeth, they are able to have the white and pearly teeth longer than in other ways.

Teeth Whitening Methods

There are many teeth whitening methods applied today. The process is applied according to the method chosen by the people who want to whiten their teeth. Permanence time differs from process to process. While some processes can provide whiteness for a longer time, some processes can provide whiteness for a shorter time. However, people’s eating and drinking habits are also very effective in this process. If you want to whiten your teeth, you should avoid the following habits;

  • Smoking can shorten the duration of tooth whitening and cause color changes. People who want to whiten their teeth should avoid or minimize smoking.
  • Consumption of coffee and tea may cause the process to be damaged and less effective. Besides that, high consumption of coffee and tea might create undesirable results.
  • The teeth whitening method will be less effective in people who do not take regular dental care than people who do dental care regularly. For this reason, regular dental care is significantly necessary and important at the same time. People, who would like teeth whitening, must be careful on dental care after the process.
  • It is significantly important and necessary to have the teeth checked by a dentist to make the permanency of the teeth whitening longer.
  • The duration of the teeth whitening permanency might be changeable according to structure and habit as well.